“BOSHTI” is a company specialized in software developement and is oriented in developing innovative products. It operates in the market since 2009.

Our capacities are based in our ability to grasp the very needs of customers, to implement complex solutions, and still be able to keep the final product simple enough, but not simpler.

We are interested and welcome cooperation with companies worldwide in projects involving aspects in which we specialize in.

Programming Languages

For software development platforms:

J2EE, JSP & Servlets, në gjuhën programuese Java

NET Framework, ASP.NET, Windows Applications in C#

For databases:

MS SQL Server 2000-2008, SSIS Services, Reporting Services

MySQL 5.0


For web applications:

ASP.NET, JSP & Servlets, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery


So far we have developed applications in these fields:

• Financial services

• Social applications

• Generative architecture

• Payroll - Human Resources


Our staff consists of professionals in different fields, ranging from programmers with advanced knowledge in the field of science and technology to others with experience in the fields of business, accounting, financial institutions, design and other social fields.

Having been engaged in projects spanning from financial services, social apps and generative architecture, we have been able to match the needs of the clients with the capabilities technology offers in the best way possible.

Contact us at boshti@boshti.com and diturie.hoxha@boshti.com

Is an application that offers the client the possibility of calculating wages based on daily registered hours as well as fixed wages, see more

An application specifically developed for wheat producers. It offers the possibility of recording all the necessary data, see more

Ordinanca is an app that enables creating and saving individual e-cards of medical see more

An application that supports the personnel administration for companies ranging from the small ones of up to 10 employees to those with over 300 employees. see more

An application for businesses that enables managing the stores, invoices, orders and payments. see more